All product electronics are covered by a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty is no longer valid if machine has been tampered/altered/misused with in any way.  My Pinball Arcade LLC will attempt to get product working again if there are any issues. Warranty is not transferable. Arcade machines are not for commercial use. Warranty is voided if used commercially.

Warranty of electronic components do NOT include repairs made to products at buyer's location.  Home repairs by My Pinball Arcade LLC are made at the discretion of My Pinball Arcade LLC only and it is not implied in any way that this service in included in warranty.

Buyer understands that shipping and transportation of products needing repair will be made at buyer's expense and not that of My Pinball Arcade LLC.  My Pinball Arcade LLC may elect to cover shipping/transportation at it's discretion but that it is not implied that this is covered under warranty.  

Buyer is responsible for connecting products to correct electronic outlets and proper voltage is maintained that product is plugged in to.  Warranty coverage will NOT include electronic failures/destruction due to improper electrical voltage that product is plugged into. 

If any electronics fail during the warranty period, the buyer must contact My Pinball Arcade LLC through this website and make a warranty request.  Buyer must be able to provide Order number and date product purchased.